We are a group of friends. We live in London. We form a multinational and multi-ethnic little community. And we have a passion in common: we love coffee.

Therefore little cafeterias and sandwich bars have become our favourite meeting point. It is where we meet after a long day at work; it is where we assembly before a night out; increasingly it is where we conduct some of our businesses: the boring part that involves computer and paper work. It would be unbearable in a closed space. And gradually it became where some of the most interesting conversations we ever had took place. We enjoy talking about politics, economics, movies books, almost everything, and some time it seems we need a place where to carry on the argument on some of the most controversial topics.

That is how this BLOG was born: as a place where to keep arguing with each other and not leaving to others the last word ! Enjoy, have a good laugh, take part if you feel like it, but remember, everybody has an opinion, it can be disputed but always deserves respect.
Enjoy your coffee…